As I am new in this beautiful fashion world, after a great research I found that this is one of the most rewarding, alluring, glamorous, and exciting career option in today’s world to choose . Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior.


     Fashion comes from a latin word ‘facere’ which means to make. Fashion is what we visualize. It is the inner feeling of every human being to present himself/herself according to their own thinking and designers are the one who add spice to fashion according to their creativity.  As  fashion designing includes designing of clothes, accessories such as jewellery,  shoes, hand-bags, etc.  tailoring of garments, textiles, retailing, study of colours, and many more. I also think a person should have a passion in fashion to rise in this career.

     Fashion designing is defined by the creators. These creators make fashion world more interesting. Designers in fashion are professionals who create concepts of new and trending styles, fashion designers typically specialize in one type of field and stay updated on trends within that area. Modern fashion designing is divided into two basic categories- HAUTE COUTOUR & READY-TO-WEAR fashion. Haute coutour is a high end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to end, made from high quality and expensive fabrics and sewn with extreme attention. The father, the creator of haute coutour is CHARLES FRIEDERICK WORTH whereas ready-to-wear fashion is the term for ready made garments sold in finished conditions in standardized sizes and tailored to a particular person’s frame. The invention for READY-TO-WEAR was made by YVES SAINT LAURENT who was the first designer to launch a ready to wear fashion. During the war of 1812, the US government began mass producing military uniforms, making them one of the first ready- to-wear garments in history. Now let’s talk about latest  trends  , there is a lot happening in fashion industry. Best fashion schools always try making their ordinary extra-ordinary. Going to 2021, wristbands will be trending. Some of the 1970’s -90’s trends are reoccuring and we can see those in our latest fashion trends.

       The 5 fashion design trends this year:- 1]RETURN OF THE GRUNGE – this year will see the 1990’s channelled through feminine dresses-floral and pastels- paired with chunky combat boots.  2] BUCKET HATS- the perfect summer look . 3] SQUARE-TOED HEELS- they’re great way to add a fresh look to any outfit. 4] STRIPES- vertical and horizontal . 5] JUNGLE VIBES- floral greeny dresses.

      Designer collections have a great finish, best quality as well as unique designs which we can see in their work. Fashion keeps inviting and exploring new lands and base when every time a new design develops, but the concept and process involved remains the same and design derivation are always fresh, crisp and edgy. Designers often represent philosophy in their designs. Both haute coutour collections and ready-to-wear collections are presented on international catwalks. Fashion will never fade its face in any era. Fashion  in  you  showcase the outlook who you are as a person.

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